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Retaining walls - before and after

Hardscapes such as Patios, Sidewalks, Steps, Driveways, Retaining Walls, and Low Voltage Lighting present the First Curb Appeal Impression for your home, business or landscape. Along with its functional, creative & artistic presentation, it also is a personal liability for this transverse to be Safe, and just as beautiful as the day it was installed.


This is something we at Dilts Landscaping take very seriously.


All Surfaces, Be it for foot , vehicle or cosmetic purposes, Brick, Stone or Concrete are all affected by the weather and seasonal freeze and thaw cycles.


Good Drainage and Footing Installation under your new Installation is essential for its appearance and longevity.


These kind of professional details are all standard and included with all of our Hardscape Installations.  


You can rest assured that your landscape contracting experience will be a good one with Dilts Landscaping !

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