Dilts Landscaping and Lawncare

Servicing Indiana, PA & Surrounding Counties

"Landscapes to Enjoy"

Quality landscape services that give your lawn solid roots

Maintenance that includes aeration, fungal care, regular watering and mowing will allow you to show off your well-manicured lawn.


Give your lawn the attention it needs to grow and thrive through every season, not just when conditions are ideal.

- Mowing and edging

- Mulching and fertilizing

- Trimming and pruning

- Weed control

Let us do the work for you - we'll maintain and enhance your lawn year-round

An exceptional lawn takes work

We maintain several lawns year-round to ensure our customers stay satisfied. Make way for an exceptionally green lawn that draws the attention of every passerby when you choose Dilts Landscaping and Lawn Care.



Regular maintenance of your lawn and yard will help maintain a healthy, lush look throughout the year.

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